Analytics & Insights

No doubt we are living in a data era. Data is useful only when it’s collected, managed and interpreted properly in a way that is structured and is converted into actionable insights. Marketers know data is important for the success of their business. The collection of data alone does not work any magic. The power of data is only realised when it’s put to work, and when decision making can be based on data. To make this possible, our team has worked hard with marketers to comb through the data, to build a structure with our expertise and technology to have data work for us.

Integrate, Analyse and Execute

Data has to be connected. Valuable data, including advertising, marketing and customer data, when stored in different buckets is of no value to marketers.
Data integration and analysis enables marketers to have a holistic view to develop a truly personalised engagement experience for their customers, so that strategies can be executed effectively to reach marketing goals.

Analytics Consulting Service

FiveStones helps define and design the whole analytics strategy based on your business needs and KPIs, and we work with marketing and data analytics teams to create overarching measurement strategies for media execution.
To power your media with granular insights made available by web analytics and other data sources.
With our knowledge and expertise, we start with your strategic direction and tactical goals, and we ensure your analytic solution will collect respective data needed to optimise your media activity and to report in a way that is meaningful to your business.

Data Visualisation

Connecting multiple data sources and organising the findings in a quick and simple manner, and being able to view the data in a meaningful way with just a few clicks. Data can be visualised in custom dashboards to suit different purposes.
are not only easy on the eyes, but they also enable marketers to get the most out of the available data, allowing them to make informed decisions quickly.

Tag Management

FiveStones provides consulting services for tag management to ensure marketers are well-equipped to utilise the tools effectively to achieve the best results possible.

Our Process

  • Understand context, needs and expected outcomes
  • Audit current web analytics and data capabilities and management
  • Design tracking structure
  • Manage testing and optimisation
  • Transfer knowledge to customer